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+== VK_MESAX_external_image_dma_buf
+*Name String*::
+ +VK_MESAX_external_image_dma_buf+
+*Extension Type*::
+ Device extension
+*Registered Extension Number*::
+ 127
+*Last Modified Date*::
+ See git log.
+ 0.6 (Unstable Draft)
+*IP Status*::
+ Draft
+ - This extension is written against version 1.0.42 of the Vulkan API.
+ - Requires <<VK_MESAX_external_memory_dma_buf>>.
+ - Requires <<VK_EXT_get_image_properties>>.
+ - Antoine Labour, Google <>
+ - Chad Versace, Google <>
+ - James Jones <>
+ - Jason Ekstrand <>
+ - Kristian Høgsberg Kristensen <>
+ - Chad Versace, Google <>
+TODO: Write overview.
+=== New Object Types
+=== New Enum Constants
+ * Extending elink:VkStructureType:
+=== New Enums
+=== New Structs
+ * slink:VkDmaBufFormatPropertiesMESAX
+ * slink:VkDmaBufFormatModifierPropertiesMESAX
+ * slink:VkDmaBufImageFormatPropertiesMESAX
+ * slink:VkDmaBufImageFormatModifierPropertiesMESAX
+ * slink:VkImportImageDmaBufInfoMESAX
+ * slink:VkImportImageDmaBufPlaneInfoMESAX
+ * slink:VkExportImageDmaBufInfoMESAX
+ * slink:VkImageDmaBufPropertiesMESAX
+ * slink:VkImageDmaBufPlanePropertiesMESAX
+=== New Functions
+=== Issues
+1. Does this extension support external images with planar formats (such as
+*RESOLVED*. This extension alone does not provide that support. Vulkan 1.0
+defines no planar VkFormat, and this extension is not the appropriate place to
+do so. However, future extensions may leverage
+VkImportImageDmaBufPlaneInfoMESAX to provide support for external images with
+planar formats.
+However, even for non-planar formats, a DRM format modifier can require
+multiple planes. For example, consider an external image with format
+VK_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM and with hypothetical DRM format modifier
+DRM_FORMAT_MOD_CLEVER_COMPRESSION. Suppose that the documentation for
+DRM_FORMAT_MOD_CLEVER_COMPRESSION specifies that the image consists of two
+planes, where the first is the primary plane and the second is a compression
+metadata plane. Then the application would import such an image with:
+ VkImportImageDmaBufInfoMESAX info = {
+ .planeCount = 2,
+ .pPlanes = (VkImportImageDmaBufPlaneInfoMESAX[]) {
+ /*primaryPlane*/ { .offset = ..., .size = ..., .rowPitch = ..., },
+ /*metadataPlane*/ { .offset = ..., .size = ..., .rowpitch = ..., },
+ },
+ };
+2. Should VkImportImageDmaBufInfoMESAX define a single DRM format modifier
+per VkImage? Or define one per plane?
+*RESOLVED*. There exists a single DRM format modifier per VkImage.
+Even though [EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import_modifiers] and the kernel's DRM APIs
+(see [drm_mode_fb_cmd2]) allow defining one modifier per plane, developers of
+those APIs concede it was a mistake. The kernel's modesetting APIs will,
+beginning in Linux 4.10, enforce that the user provides the same DRM format
+modifier for each plane.
+See Linux commit <>.
+3. What should this extension be named?
+*PROPOSAL*. VK_MESAX_external_image_dma_buf
+*DISCUSSION*. The "dma_buf" in VK_MESAX_external_image_dma_buf is misleading
+because the feature is about DRM format modifiers and not dma_bufs. However,
+the extension is closely related to VK_MESAX_external_memory_dma_buf and
+4. Should structs slink:VkImportImageDmaBufInfoMESAX and
+slink:VkImageDmaBufPropertiesMESAX remain separate or be merged into
+a single struct?
+*DISCUSSION*. The two structs are identical other than the constness of their
+member pointers. They differ only in how they are used: one is an input to
+flink:vkCreateImage and the other is an output from
+flink:vkGetImagePropertiesEXT. Maintaining separate structs will prevent
+static type errors and may simplify the specification text, but may appear
+awkward to some developers.
+5. Should this extension assign an explicit size to each plane? Or should the
+plane's size be defined implicitly its row pitch? Specifically, should
+slink:VkImportImageDmaBufImagePlaneInfoMESAX and
+have a pname:size member in addition to pname:rowPitch?
+*DISCUSSION*. Related APIs do not define an explicit size to each plane.
+They define only the plane's offset and row pitch.
+See the EGL extensions
+and [EGL_MESA_image_dma_buf_export];
+see [struct drm_mode_fb_cmd2] in the Linux kernel's userspace api;
+and see [gbm.h].
+However, Vulkan differs from the above APIs in significant ways that influence
+this issue.
+.. **Separation of image creation and memory binding.**
+When importing a dma_buf image into EGL and GBM, the API creates the image
+(EGLImage or gbm_bo) and binds it to memory (the dma_buf) simultaneously. In
+Vulkan, not only are image creation and memory binding separate, but the user
+may create the image even before memory is allocated. This difference allows
+EGL and GBM to query the dma_buf's size before image creation; Vulkan cannot.
+.. **Dedicated memory.**
+When importing or exporting a dma_buf image in the above non-Vulkan APIs,
+common practice mandates that the dma_buf memory is dedicated to the image, in
+particular, neither the GBM documentation nor the EGL extension specifications
+explicitly state this requirement, but this is likely due to
+under-specification rather than intentional omission. In contrast, this
+extension does not require that the implementation report
+Points 1 and 2 influence this issue because, in special cases, the plane's
+height and row pitch may not be sufficient to determine the plane's actual
+size. For example, this case could occur if the plane has
+implementation-specific vertical padding requirements; or if there exists
+subtle disagreement between the current Vulkan instance and the dma_buf's
+external consumers on how the plane's size should be calculated, which is
+a real concern for exotic DRM format modifiers.
+*PROPOSED SOLUTION*. Assign an explicit size to each plane. It reduces security
+risks. It eliminates ambiguity when the plane's height and row pitch are
+insufficient to determine the plane's actual size. It conforms to Vulkan's
+overall attitude of preferring explicit rather than implicit. And it has no
+apparent disadvantages.
+6. Should suppoort for DRM format modifiers be moved to a separate extension?
+*DISCUSSION*. People have argued for the split, pointing out that EGL has
+a similar split ([EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import_modifiers] is layered atop
+[EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import]). The EGL split has been beneficial to drivers
+that don't yet define any DRM format modifiers in drm_fourcc.h.
+People have argued against the split, claiming that the split in EGL is
+a historical accident. They argue that the Linux ecosystem has recently
+standardized on DRM format modifiers and that Vulkan should avoid supporting
+legacy methods for dma_buf sharing.
+*UNRESOLVED.* Feedback from more developers is needed.
+==== Version History
+ * Revision 0.7, 2017-03-06 (Chad Versace)
+ - Require +VK_EXT_get_image_properties+.
+ - Replace query fname:vkExportDmaBufImageMESAX with
+ fname:vkGetImagePropertiesEXT and sname:VkImageDmaBufPropertiesMESAX.
+ - Rename structs to clarify their usage.
+ * Revision 0.6, 2017-02-27 (Chad Versace)
+ - Add issue #6, should support for DRM format modifiers be moved to
+ a separate extensions.
+ * Revision 0.5, 2017-02-26 (Chad Versace)
+ - Add issue #5 regarding explicit plane size.
+ * Revision 0.4, 2017-02-22 (Chad Versace)
+ - Replace vendor prefix EXT with MESAX because this is an experimental
+ extension.
+ - Expand resolution to isse #1 with an example.
+ * Revision 0.3, 2016-12-08 (Chad Versace)
+ - Split into VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf and
+ VK_EXT_external_image_dma_buf.
+ - Add issue #3: What should this extension be named?
+ * Revision 0.2, 2016-12-08 (Chad Versace)
+ - Resolve issue #2. One DRM format modifier exists per VkImage.
+ * Revision 0.1, 2012-12-02 (Chad Versace)
+ - Initial draft
+==== References
+FIXME: Invalid asciidoc syntax
+[EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import]: https://
+[EGL_EXT_image_dma_buf_import_modifiers]: https://
+[EGL_MESA_image_dma_buf_export]: https://
+[struct drm_mode_fb_cmd2]: