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@@ -1322,11 +1322,11 @@ pname:layerCount layers are blitted to the destination image.
Slices in the source region bounded by pname:srcOffsets[0].pname:z and
pname:srcOffsets[1].pname:z are copied to slices in the destination region
bounded by pname:dstOffsets[0].pname:z and pname:dstOffsets[1].pname:z.
-For each destination slice, a source z coordinate is linearly interpolated
+For each destination slice, a source *z* coordinate is linearly interpolated
between pname:srcOffsets[0].pname:z and pname:srcOffsets[1].pname:z.
If the pname:filter parameter is ename:VK_FILTER_LINEAR then the value
sampled from the source image is taken by doing linear filtering using the
-interpolated z coordinate.
+interpolated *z* coordinate.
If pname:filter parameter is ename:VK_FILTER_NEAREST then value sampled from
the source image is taken from the single nearest slice (with undefined
rounding mode).