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WIP: Begin spec text for VkDmaBufImageFormatPropertiesMESAXwip/1.0-VK_MESAX_external
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@@ -4167,6 +4167,46 @@ for the following external handle types:
+// refBegin VkDmaBufImageFormatPropertiesMESAX TODO
+To determine the image capabilities compatible with
+<<glossry-drm-format-modifier,DRM format modifiers>>,
+ * add slink:VkPhysicalDeviceExternalImageFormatInfoKHX to the pname:pNext
+ chain of slink:VkPhysicalDeviceImageFormatInfo2KHR and add
+ slink:VkExternalImageFormatPropertiesKHX to the pname:pNext chain of
+ slink:VkImageFormatProperties2KHR, as described above;
+ * set slink:VkPhysicalDeviceExternalImageFormatInfoKHX::pname:handleType to
+ * and add slink:VkDmaBufImageFormatPropertiesMESAX to the pname:pNext chain
+ of the slink:VkExternalImageFormatPropertiesKHX.
+The sname:VkDmaBufImageFormatPropertiesMESAX structure is defined as
+ * pname:sType is the type of this structure.
+ * pname:pNext is `NULL` or a pointer to an extension-specific structure.
+ * pname:pModifierCount is a pointer to an integer related to the number DRM
+ format modifiers available, as described below.
+ * pname:pModifierProperties is either `NULL` or a pointer to an array of
+ slink:VkDmaBufImageFormatModifierPropertiesMESAX structures.
+If pname:pModifierProperties is `NULL`, then the number of DRM format modifiers
+compatible with the image parameters specified in
+slink:VkPhysicalDeviceImageFormatInfo2KHR and its pname:pNext chain. Otherwise,
+pname:pModifierCount must: point to a variable set by the user to the number of
+elements in the pname:pModifierProperties array, and on return the variable is
+overwritten with the number of structures actually written to
+pname:pModifierProperties. If pname:pModifierCount is less than the number of
+available DRM format modifiers, then at most pname:pModifierCount structures
+will be written to the array.
+TODO: Specify VkDmaBufImageFormatModifierPropertiesMESAX.