Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Check for vulkan_intel.h headerHEADmasterKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-28
* Fail nicely if no Vulkan devices foundKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-28
* Get XCB extension functions with vkGetInstanceProcAddr()Kristian H. Kristensen2017-09-28
* Idle queue after presentKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-28
* Trim .gitignore now that we're done with autotoolsKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-28
* Make build work with and without glslcKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-27
* Include sysmacros.h for major()Kristian H. Kristensen2017-09-27
* Switch to meson build systemKristian H. Kristensen2017-09-27
* Pick a usable memory type for the vertex bufferNeil Roberts2017-09-26
* Remove -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE from Makefile.amNeil Roberts2017-09-26
* Don't stomp user-provided CFLAGSDaniel Stone2017-05-01
* Merge pull request #19 from fooishbar/masterKristian Høgsberg Kristensen2017-04-07
| * KMS: Use correct DRM event context versionDaniel Stone2017-04-07
* Merge pull request #18 from janisozaur/masterJason Ekstrand2017-03-22
| * Set AC_PROG_CC to suppress warning about CC not specifiedMichał Janiszewski2017-03-22
* Add option -m to select display modepuChad Versace2017-01-09
* Explicitly track the display modeChad Versace2017-01-09
* Make init funcs return -1 on failureChad Versace2017-01-09
* Add a streq() functionChad Versace2017-01-09
* If init_kms() fails, fallback to init_headless()Chad Versace2017-01-09
* Check vkMapMemory for failureChad Versace2017-01-09
* Declare fail*() functions to common.hChad Versace2017-01-09
* Add option -o <file> for the output PNGChad Versace2017-01-09
* Move argument parsing out of main()Chad Versace2017-01-09
* Add a fail() func as a companion to fail_if()Chad Versace2017-01-09
* Add format attribute to fail_if()Chad Versace2017-01-09
* Add missing newline to error messagesChad Versace2017-01-09
* Make viewport and scissor dynamic statesJason Ekstrand2016-11-03
* Propagate the choose WSI image format to views and render passesJason Ekstrand2016-10-10
* Split initialization into init_vk and init_vk_objectsJason Ekstrand2016-10-10
* Unify the swapchain creation code between X11 and WaylandJason Ekstrand2016-10-10
* wayland: Initialize shell to NULLJason Ekstrand2016-10-10
* Check in xdg-shell-unstable-v6-protocol.cJason Ekstrand2016-10-10
* Query supported present modes, use FIFO if availablePhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Reset fence after waiting for itPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Add uniform buffer bit to buffer usagePhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Add semaphore to serialize acquiring the next image and rendering to itPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Fix initial and final layout of color attachmentPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Fix color attachment description formatPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Fix the mipmap level count when initializing buffersPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure render pass when creating framebuffersPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure scissor rectangle in viewport statePhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure line width in rasterization statePhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure device queue priorityPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure opaque composite alpha instead of inherit when creating swap chainPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Configure opaque composite alpha when creating swap chainPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Query physical device surface capabilities before creating swap chainPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Query physical device surface support before creating swap chainPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Query physical device queue family properties before creating devicePhilipp Zabel2016-10-10
* Query count before enumerating physical devicesPhilipp Zabel2016-10-10