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* Appveyor: Quickly fix meson build.Prodea Alexandru-Liviu2019-11-14
* appveyor: Move appveyor script into .appveyor directoryDylan Baker2019-10-18
* appveyor: Cache meson's wrap downloadsDylan Baker2019-10-16
* appveyor: Add support for meson as well as scons on windowsDylan Baker2019-10-10
* appveyor: Revert commits adding Cygwin support.Jose Fonseca2019-01-25
* appveyor: Add a Cygwin build scriptJon Turney2019-01-07
* appveyor: put build steps in a script, rather than inline in appveyor.ymlJon Turney2019-01-07
* appveyor: Cache pip's cache files.Jose Fonseca2018-10-16
* appveyor: Update to newer Mako/winflexbison versions.Jose Fonseca2018-10-16
* appveyor: Update to MSVC 2017.Jose Fonseca2018-10-16
* appveyor: Set git core.autocrlf setting to true.Jose Fonseca2018-08-21
* appveyor: Consume LLVM 5.0.1.Jose Fonseca2018-06-16
* appveyor: Build with MSVC 2015.Jose Fonseca2018-02-22
* appveyor: Update dependencies.Jose Fonseca2017-03-29
* appveyor: Update winflexbison download URL.Jose Fonseca2016-09-13
* appveyor: Force Visual Studio 2013 image.Jose Fonseca2016-08-11
* appveyor: Install pywin32 extensions.Jose Fonseca2016-08-11
* appveyor: Run unit tests.Jose Fonseca2016-04-14
* appveyor: Bump shallow clone depth.Jose Fonseca2016-02-03
* appveyor: Cache winflexbison archive.Jose Fonseca2015-12-08
* appveyor: Initial integration.Jose Fonseca2015-12-02