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* REVIEWERS: add VMware reviewersBrian Paul2019-10-18
* script: drop get_reviewer.plEric Engestrom2019-10-07
* docs: drop most autoconf referencesDylan Baker2019-04-15
* REVIEWERS: add Vulkan reviewer groupEric Engestrom2018-11-13
* REVIEWERS: add Emil as EGL reviewerEric Engestrom2018-11-13
* REVIEWERS: add include path for EGLEric Engestrom2018-11-13
* REVIEWERS: add root meson.build to the Meson reviewers groupEric Engestrom2018-06-01
* REVIEWERS: add Alexander von Gluck IV as a reviewer for HaikuEric Engestrom2017-11-23
* REVIEWERS: add myself as a Meson reviewerEric Engestrom2017-09-28
* REVIEWERS: add MesonEric Engestrom2017-09-28
* REVIEWERS: add autogen.sh to the autoconf groupEric Engestrom2017-03-23
* REVIEWERS: add myself as a reviewer for EGL and docsEric Engestrom2017-03-23
* reviewers: add Rob H for the Android EGL+build partsEmil Velikov2016-11-21
* revieweds: add Tomasz for the Android/EGL implementationEmil Velikov2016-11-21
* reviewers: Throw myself on the GLX grenadeAdam Jackson2016-10-19
* add REVIEWERS and get_reviewer.pl scriptRob Clark2016-05-04