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* Ignore more demo programsDan Nicholson2008-03-10
* glxgears: oops, remove accidental commit of glFinish() hack.Kristian Høgsberg2008-02-29
* Use __DRIextension mechanism providing loader functionality to the driver.Kristian Høgsberg2008-02-29
* Convert crlf->lf line endings.José Fonseca2008-02-28
* Ignore glxgears_pixmapDan Nicholson2008-02-17
* Added minmag.c testBrian2008-02-16
* chmod a-x **/glslnoise.cAdam Jackson2008-02-15
* Add GLXPixmap version of glxgears to show case new GLX Pixmap functionality.Kristian Høgsberg2008-02-14
* Fix broken test.Brian2008-02-12
* Set Min/MaxLod with glTexParameterf, not glTexParameteriBrian2008-02-12
* tweak incr/decrements amounts for keyboard optionsBrian2008-02-12
* press 0,1,2,etc keys for specific bias valuesBrian2008-02-12
* Include glext.h in the cva test so that it actually uses CVAs.Eric Anholt2008-02-04
* push out far clip plane to 200Brian2008-01-28
* Added d/D keys to change viewing distance, 'a' to toggle animationBrian2008-01-28
* glxinfo: Fix multisample visual reporting.Adam Jackson2008-01-22
* Don't build yuvrect_client by defaultBrian2008-01-22
* remove unused varBrian2008-01-22
* define M_PI if neededAlexey Sokolov2008-01-22
* fix glUniform4f typoBrian2008-01-01
* Convert to 0/1 when setting boolean uniformsBruce Merry2008-01-01
* Add a test program to test for assorted bugs in shader_api.cBruce Merry2008-01-01
* added glSecondaryColor3fv_funcBrian2007-12-18
* added two-side testBrian2007-12-18
* Test GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_TWO_SIDE and frag shader gl_FrontFacing featuresBrian2007-12-18
* added twoside demoBrian2007-12-18
* Fix a quadstrip front/back-face inconsistancy.Brian2007-12-18
* Build rain demo (Gonzo <>)Brian2007-12-14
* add simple test for two-sided stencil functionalityRoland Scheidegger2007-12-11
* Make osdemos linking like other programsDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* Undo changes made to the toyball shaders in commit d19d0596daf004b56d80f78fa1...Brian2007-12-04
* added culling/wireframe optionsBrian2007-12-04
* better front-plane clip testBrian2007-11-30
* Updates of some OpenVMS makefiles.joukj2007-11-30
* add a few more logicop modes, simplify codeBrian2007-11-27
* better test of point attenuationBrian2007-11-23
* #define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES to silence warningBrian2007-11-23
* Print point/line size range limitsBrian2007-11-22
* added z/s keys to reset/step rotationBrian2007-11-16
* Only emit texcoords for enabled units. Enable/disable units with 0..7 keys.Brian2007-11-16
* remove dependency on libGLUBrian2007-11-12
* test that point/line/quad rendering hits the right pixelsBrian2007-11-09
* test glStencilFuncSeparateATI()Brian2007-10-30
* specify app lib dependencies in Makefiles (patch 1/3)Dan Nicholson2007-10-29
* Merge branch '965-glsl'Zou Nan hai2007-10-26
| * Fix SOP in fragment shader, brick is ok now.Zou Nan hai2007-07-17
| * Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// into...Zou Nan hai2007-07-17
| |\
| * | bumpmap sample is correct nowZou Nan hai2007-07-17
| * | Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// into...Zou Nan hai2007-07-04
| |\ \
| * | | support branch and loop in pixel shaderZou Nan hai2007-06-21