path: root/src/wgl/wglinfo.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* wglinfo: query format bitmap, pbuffer GDI rendering abilityBrian Paul2017-05-03
* wglinfo: query/print sRGB and float pixel format infoBrian Paul2017-04-27
* wglinfo: pass the options object to print_screen_info()Brian Paul2015-05-25
* glxinfo/wglinfo: add brief (-B) output modeBrian Paul2015-05-25
* wgl: Ensure PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR members are zeroed.José Fonseca2014-11-19
* glxinfo/wglinfo: reverse order of the gl_versions[] arrayBrian Paul2014-11-01
* wglinfo: adjust column spacing for pixel format infoBrian Paul2014-07-16
* wglinfo: print swap method in print_visual_attribs_verbose()Brian Paul2014-07-16
* wglinfo: Add support for reporting core profile infoBrian Paul2014-07-16
* glxinfo/wglinfo: move argument parsing into common codeBrian Paul2014-07-16
* wglinfo: query and report multisample informationBrian Paul2014-07-16
* wglinfo: use common code from glinfo_common.cBrian Paul2014-05-28
* wglinfo: query and print list of compressed texture formatsBrian Paul2014-01-20
* wglinfo: add missing \n to error messagesBrian Paul2013-05-21
* wglinfo: tweak column heading and spacingBrian Paul2013-05-21
* wglinfo: query/print GL_ARB_framebuffer_object limitsBrian Paul2012-02-27
* wglinfo: List GL_MAX_DUAL_SOURCE_DRAW_BUFFERSJosé Fonseca2012-02-08
* wglinfo: Cross-port several of the recent glxinfo improvements.José Fonseca2011-03-28
* wgl: Use wglew.h instead of wglext.hJosé Fonseca2010-11-06
* progs/wgl: Small cleanup to wglinfo.José Fonseca2009-06-01
* progs/wgl: Use an invisible window in wglinfo.José Fonseca2009-06-01
* wgl: Note down the gallium pixel formats, instead of re-guessing them.José Fonseca2009-04-10
* progs: Port glxinfo to wgl.José Fonseca2009-04-10