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* demos: add missing binaries to .gitignoreAndreas Boll2015-12-07
* tri-tex-stipple: trivial test of texturing with stipplingBrian Paul2015-07-20
* quad-offset-unfilled: fix GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL/LINE mistakeBrian Paul2015-07-20
* tests,trival,fp,vp: Rename errno with errnum.José Fonseca2014-11-19
* demos: add missing binaries to .gitignoreAndreas Boll2014-07-03
* trivial/tri-rotate: draw a triangle with rotationBrian Paul2013-07-24
* trivial/tri-z-clip: test near/far triangle clippingBrian Paul2013-01-09
* line-smooth: add flat/smooth shading controlBrian Paul2012-11-28
* add missing programs to trivial/Makefile.amBrian Paul2012-09-27
* clear-fbo: call fflush(stdout) for WindowsBrian Paul2012-09-27
* clear-fbo: clean-up the code, print pixel color for debuggingBrian Paul2012-09-27
* trivial: set glClearColor alpha=1.0Brian Paul2012-09-15
* Update .gitignoreJose Fonseca2011-11-24
* tri-2101010-dlist: test 2101010 with a display list.Dave Airlie2011-09-05
* vbo-drawarrays-2101010: add bgra command line optionDave Airlie2011-08-21
* vbo-drawarrays-2101010: GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev vbo testDave Airlie2011-08-20
* tri-2101010: Build without GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev.José Fonseca2011-08-02
* Revert "cmake: Allow to specify glext headers include path."José Fonseca2011-08-02
* tri-2101010: s/uint32_t/unsigned/José Fonseca2011-08-02
* tri-2101010: clean up test fix bugs in convDave Airlie2011-08-02
* cmake: Allow to specify glext headers include path.José Fonseca2011-08-02
* tri-2101010: include glut_wrap.h as other demos doBrian Paul2011-08-02
* tri-2101010: add a simple demo for GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_revDave Airlie2011-08-03
* point-sprite: clean-up, set GL_COORD_REPLACE_ARB modeBrian Paul2011-07-11
* Update .gitignore.José Fonseca2011-06-17
* cmake: Build tri-edgeflag-pv & linehacksJosé Fonseca2011-06-17
* tri-edgeflag-pv: Fix glew include.José Fonseca2011-06-17
* trivial/tri-edgeflag-pv: test provoking vertex effect on edge flagsBrian Paul2011-06-10
* Fix GL_VERSION checks.José Fonseca2011-06-07
* cmake: Build X11 programs on MacOSX.José Fonseca2011-06-06
* clear-fbo-tex: Add missing glFlush call on single buffered visual.José Fonseca2011-06-02
* Mac OS X portability fixes.José Fonseca2011-05-13
* tri-clear: fix redrawingMarek Olšák2011-01-25
* Add missing binaries to .gitignorePaulo Zanoni2011-01-12
* scons: Remove scons build support.José Fonseca2010-11-11
* Merge branch 'cmake'José Fonseca2010-11-11
| * cmake: Make logical target names globally unique.José Fonseca2010-11-09
| * Portability fixes.José Fonseca2010-11-06
| * cmake: Cover as many demos as SCons.José Fonseca2010-11-05
* | trivial: Update SConscript.Vinson Lee2010-11-06
* | scons: Rename clear to clear-color.Vinson Lee2010-11-06
* tri-edgeflag-array: test glEdgeFlagPointer()Brian Paul2010-11-02
* rename clear.c to clear-color.cBrian Paul2010-11-02
* line-xor: test line drawing in XOR modeBrian Paul2010-10-07
* trivial: add drawelements-largeKeith Whitwell2010-10-05
* trivial: added tri-tex-1d.c testBrian Paul2010-09-14
* Remove tests from tests/ that have been moved to piglit.Eric Anholt2010-06-15
* quad-tex-sub: silence warningsBrian Paul2010-05-22
* trivial: fix distEric Anholt2010-05-20
* Convert glsl and trivial Makefiles.Eric Anholt2010-05-20