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* remove stray 'spazio3d' target from Makefile.amBrian Paul2016-02-03
* Add new test of glPolygonMode() with different front/back modesBrian Paul2016-02-02
* line-sample: a new test that draws a sample of wide/stipple/smooth linesBrian Paul2015-02-13
* tests/backspecular: test two-sided lighting and specular colorBrian Paul2014-01-20
* fix build issues. add option for rbug, fix MESA_GLAPI pathBurlen Loring2013-04-19
* arbvparray: Port of vparray to GL_ARB_vertex_program.José Fonseca2011-06-29
* viewmemory: view uninitialized video memoryBrian Paul2011-06-17
* linehacks: do stipple, wide, smooth lines with hacksBrian Paul2011-06-10
* tests/clip: a simple interactive clipping testBrian Paul2011-06-08
* drawstencil: test writing stencil image with fragment shaderBrian Paul2011-04-10
* shadow-sample: an old GLSL shadow sampler testBrian Paul2011-04-10
* tests/shader-interp: convert perspective interpolation to linearBrian Paul2011-03-22
* Fix texwrap removalJon TURNEY2011-03-03
* tests: Add application to step various gl operationsJakob Bornecrantz2011-01-24
* fog: Remove this now that it's been converted into piglit tests.Eric Anholt2010-11-29
* mipmap_tunnel: new test to examine mipmap filteringBrian Paul2010-10-14
* Remove mapvbo test.Eric Anholt2010-06-15
* Remove tests from tests/ that have been moved to piglit.Eric Anholt2010-06-15
* demos: fix build with --as-needed (default on F13).Dave Airlie2010-05-30
* Make distcheck succeed.Eric Anholt2010-05-20
* Convert tests Makefile.Eric Anholt2010-05-20