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* Convert crlf->lf line endings.José Fonseca2008-02-28
* doxygen: update doxygen project number to 6.5Jerome Glisse2007-02-16
* Update doxygen doc to reflet vbo changes.Jerome Glisse2007-02-16
* Make git ignore files only generated at build time.Michel Dänzer2006-12-06
* Use CSS in custom headers.Jose Fonseca2004-09-10
* added glapi and shader modules, misc updatesBrian Paul2004-09-10
* Update the doxygen configuration file.Jose Fonseca2004-09-09
* Replaced 'core' with 'main'.Brian Paul2004-05-16
* Seperate the Doxygen configuration files (for full Mesa only) in a common par...Jose Fonseca2003-09-17
* Merge the Doxygen configuration files from the embedded branch.Jose Fonseca2003-09-17
* update version numbers (Klaus Niederkrueger)Brian Paul2003-02-04
* minor updateBrian Paul2002-11-13
* fixed array_cache.tag mistakeBrian Paul2002-01-22
* added array_cache to TAGFILESBrian Paul2002-01-22
* files to support doxygen (source code documentation)Brian Paul2002-01-21