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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Convert crlf->lf line endings.José Fonseca2008-02-28
* autoconf: Add gcc search patch to MKDEP_OPTIONS to eliminate warnings.Kristian Høgsberg2008-02-25
* Apple: Pulled in changes from Apple's patchset to allow mesa to build on darw...Jeremy Huddleston2008-02-19
* glapi: Use variable for indent and flagsDan Nicholson2008-02-12
* Merge branch 'master' into autoconf2Dan Nicholson2007-12-26
| * Don't try to build nonexistent i915tex driver on linux-x86-64Dan Nicholson2007-12-18
* | autoconf: Allow static library buildsDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* | autoconf: Configure the osmesa channel size for OSMesa16 and OSMesa32Dan Nicholson2007-12-07
* | autoconf: Add support for shared DRI build on linux and freebsdDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* | autoconf: Initial support for an autoconf configurationDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* Make osdemos linking like other programsDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* configs: Fix linking with static libGL and --as-neededDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* glut doesn't need -lXtBrian2007-12-03
* Add -fno-strict-aliasing workaround for all GCC targetsDan Nicholson2007-11-01
* configs: Set -fexceptions for GLUT on linux-dri like other targetsDan Nicholson2007-10-31
* configs: Always use -fPIC for shared libraries, never for staticDan Nicholson2007-10-31
* Add -fno-strict-aliasing workaround for Linux GCC targetsDan Nicholson2007-10-31
* Build xdemos programs by default on linux-driDan Nicholson2007-10-29
* linux-dri-xcb: Fix undefined refs when linking with libGLDan Nicholson2007-10-29
* update APP_LIB_DEPS for static library configs (patch 3/3)Dan Nicholson2007-10-29
* simplify APP_LIB_DEPS (patch 2/3)Dan Nicholson2007-10-29
* configs: Fix linux-static to link correctlyDan Nicholson2007-10-26
* added catamount-osmesa-pgi configAlex Neundorf2007-10-24
* FreeBSD: more /usr/X11R6->/usr/localEric Anholt2007-10-04
* add support for LDFLAGS env varDan Nicholson2007-09-28
* FreeBSD: Chase /usr/X11R6 death (replaced by everything in one prefix).Eric Anholt2007-09-27
* Move i915tex driver into place as just i915.Eric Anholt2007-09-24
* Remove the old i915 driver now that i915tex works without TTM.Eric Anholt2007-09-24
* fix -D_BSD_SOURCBrian2007-09-20
* Added bluegene-xlc-osmesa config (Alexander Neundorf)Brian2007-09-20
* Add missing -g in FreeBSD OPT_CFLAGSEric Anholt2007-09-19
* add OSMESA_LIB_NAMEBrian2007-08-03
* added -lmBrian2007-08-03
* OSmesa on BlueGene (Alexander Neundorf)Brian2007-08-02
* fix some FreeBSD issuesBrian2007-07-31
* New sunos5-v9-cc-gcc config (Roland Egger)Brian2007-07-30
* Fix a number of MINGW32 issuesZhang2007-07-21
* Use -pthread instead of -lpthread on FreeBSD.Eric Anholt2007-06-22
* miniglx: update defines in linux-solo configDave Airlie2007-06-05
* master/trunk is now for Mesa 7.1 devel: bump versionsBrian2007-05-14
* nouveau: disable nouveau build by defaultDave Airlie2007-05-05
* Makefile clean-ups for miniglx.Brian2007-05-04
* Version bumps for 7.0Brian2007-04-27
* Make xcb backend compile.Jeremy Kolb2007-04-20
* add glsl to PROGRAM_DIRSBrian2007-04-08
* bump version to 6.5.3 to match version.hBrian2007-03-28
* Overhaul of error handling.Brian2007-02-26
* New debug config for linux-driKeith Whitwell2007-01-17
* Add reporting of damage by DRI drivers when the extension support is available.Eric Anholt2007-01-05
* Make git ignore files only generated at build time.Michel Dänzer2006-12-06