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* Update .gitignore.José Fonseca2011-06-17
* cmake: Build X11 programs on MacOSX.José Fonseca2011-06-06
* Add --with-system-data-files optionPaulo Zanoni2011-02-02
* Ignore files generated by CMake.José Fonseca2010-11-12
* scons: Remove scons build support.José Fonseca2010-11-11
* scons: Get it working again.José Fonseca2010-05-25
* Add .gitignore for a couple more autoconf bits.Eric Anholt2010-05-20
* Start adding build system for demos-only tree.Eric Anholt2010-05-20
* r300: Fix scons build.José Fonseca2010-01-01
* scons: Build progs.José Fonseca2008-11-21
* Merge branch 'gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2Keith Whitwell2008-09-11
| * Update git ignores.José Fonseca2008-02-25
| * gallium: Conditionally use posix libraries/includes.José Fonseca2008-02-07
| * gallium: Add SCons as alternative build system for Gallium.José Fonseca2008-01-31
* | Add cscope files to .gitignoreJesse Barnes2008-05-21
* | autoconf: Initial support for an autoconf configurationDan Nicholson2007-12-07
* | pkg-config supportDan Nicholson2007-09-12
* mesa: Added Vim swap files to .gitignore.Oliver McFadden2007-05-09
* Make git ignore Emacs backup files.Michel Dänzer2006-12-06
* Make git ignore files only generated at build time.Michel Dänzer2006-12-06