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masterindex: Add urls to cgit and to git repoChad Versace3 years
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2017-05-18index: Add urls to cgit and to git repoHEADmasterChad Versace
2017-05-18README: Add .txt extension to help web browsersChad Versace
2017-05-18Prefix folders with 'genX.Y-'Chad Versace
2017-05-18Fix missing links to SKL, BXT, APLChad Versace
2017-05-18Add PRMS for Kaby LakeChad Versace
2017-05-18dl.sh: Download subdir for Kaby LakeChad Versace
2017-05-18Add PRMS for Broxton / Apollo LakeChad Versace
2016-11-09README: initChad Versace
2016-06-21index: Remove useless product descriptionsChad Versace
2016-06-20Add Skylake to the indexChad Versace