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* doxygen: Plumb through gallium/ to automated documentationRhys Kidd2016-05-30
* doxygen: Add missing modules to Windows runnerElie TOURNIER2016-05-23
* doxygen: remove git rebase falloutsEmil Velikov2016-04-14
* doxygen: Generate Doxygen for NIRElie TOURNIER2016-04-13
* doxygen: update glsl linkElie TOURNIER2016-04-13
* doxygen: Remove deprecated settings in common.doxyRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Fix typo in doxygen/tnl.doxyRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Correct TAGFILE linkage of mainRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Update .gitignoreRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Remove references to miniglxRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Fix doxygen/gbm.doxy TAGFILESRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Correct TAGFILE relative pathsRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Fix doxygen/glapi.doxyRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Remove src/mesa/shader/ referencesRhys Kidd2016-04-13
* doxygen: Remove doxygen_sqlite3.db with 'make clean'Rhys Kidd2015-07-11
* doxygen: Add doxygen_sqlite3.db to .gitignoreRhys Kidd2015-07-11
* mesa: remove empty glthread.h fileBrian Paul2014-03-03
* mesa: switch to c11 mutex functionsBrian Paul2014-03-03
* doxygen: Add i965 to list of modules in html headerChad Versace2013-10-10
* doxygen: Generate Doxygen for i965Chad Versace2013-10-07
* glsl/build: Build glcpp via the glsl MakefileMatt Turner2013-01-22
* Finish _HAVE_FULL_GL removalMatt Turner2012-10-17
* doxygen: add gbm to .gitignoreAndreas Boll2012-10-12
* Fix building glsl when using automake-1.12 after 68e04cc6Jon TURNEY2012-07-15
* doxygen: Add link to the gbm documentation to the headerRob Bradford2012-01-13
* doxygen: Add doxygen file and build infrastructure for gbmRob Bradford2012-01-13
* gallium/failover: Remove the deprecated module.Kai Wasserbäch2011-11-30
* gallium/cell: Remove the driver.Kai Wasserbäch2011-11-29
* doxygen: Add glsl to the Makefile and .gitignore.Kenneth Graunke2011-01-19
* doxygen: Add doxyfile for glsl moduleChad Versace2011-01-17
* Remove remaining miniglx referencesKristian Høgsberg2010-02-25
* configs: fix some remains of the i915simple driverZack Rusin2009-10-11
* Merge branch 'gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2Keith Whitwell2008-09-11
| * Fix CRLF line endings.Jose Fonseca2008-06-07
| * Convert crlf->lf line endings.José Fonseca2008-02-28
| * Don't parse mesa's rtasm asm module.José Fonseca2008-02-23
| * Update doxygen configuration file for new tree layout.José Fonseca2008-02-18
| * Mention 965 driver on main page.José Fonseca2007-12-11
| * Write a nicer doxygen main page, based on the TG's Gallium3D technical overvi...José Fonseca2007-12-11
| * Cover LLVM code in doxygen output.José Fonseca2007-12-11
| * Cover state tracker and winsys driver. Tweak parameters.José Fonseca2007-12-02
| * Ignore generated files.José Fonseca2007-10-25
| * Gallium's doxygen documentation.José Fonseca2007-09-28
* | Fix CRLF line endings.Jose Fonseca2008-06-07
* | Never fail `make clean'Dan Nicholson2008-05-07
* | Convert crlf->lf line endings.José Fonseca2008-02-28
* doxygen: update doxygen project number to 6.5Jerome Glisse2007-02-16
* Update doxygen doc to reflet vbo changes.Jerome Glisse2007-02-16
* Make git ignore files only generated at build time.Michel Dänzer2006-12-06
* Use CSS in custom headers.Jose Fonseca2004-09-10