BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
hacks/workaround-arc-login-authHACK: login: --disable-arc-opt-in-verificationChad Versace5 years
masterwebserver: Export source address of http requestRaju Konduru5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-10webserver: Export source address of http requestHEADmasterRaju Konduru
2017-07-07webserver: Increase default dbus timeoutRaju Konduru
2016-04-28webserver: Created seccomp policy for webservd and modified webservd startup.Jennifer Pullman
2016-04-08webserver: Remove release/aquire semantic from scoped_ptr/unique_ptrAlex Vakulenko
2016-03-22webserver: libwebserv: Fix mock Response object to be used in unit testsAlex Vakulenko
2016-03-16webserver: Switch webservd to binder in AndroidCasey Dahlin
2016-03-10webserver: Use binder firewalld interface in binder modeCasey Dahlin
2016-03-07webserver: Consistently call the test client webservd_testcChristopher Wiley
2016-03-03webserver: Set up a binder watcher for test clientCasey Dahlin
2016-03-03webserver: Initialize logging properly in binder modeCasey Dahlin