path: root/v4l2_stateful_decoder.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: fix file descriptor issueSteve Cho2021-06-04
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: move newline character to macro, format commentsSteve Cho2021-05-28
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: implement drainSteve Cho2021-05-27
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: write nv12 to whole file, separate md5hash computation...Steve Cho2021-05-22
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: add log levelsSteve Cho2021-05-21
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: compute md5 hash based on display width and heightSteve Cho2021-05-15
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: detect displayed frames and count number of framesSteve Cho2021-05-14
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: NV12 to I420 conversion, md5sum computationSteve Cho2021-04-30
* s/gbm_bo_get_plane_fd/gbm_bo_get_fd_for_plane/Miguel Casas2021-04-09
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: modify -w option to output decoded frames and single y...Steve Cho2021-03-11
* v4l2_stateful_decoder & v4l2_stateful_encoder: formatting changeSteve Cho2021-03-04
* v4l2_stateful_decoder: Initial commitFritz Koenig2021-02-12