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* drm-tests/plane_test: add support for external displaysMiguel Casas2021-05-04
* plane_test: clang-format fileMiguel Casas2021-04-09
* plane_test: support P010Miguel Casas2021-04-09
* drm-tests: Use the stride value returned by gbm_bo_mapSatyajit Sahu2018-05-10
* drm-tests: use new buffer creation flagsGurchetan Singh2017-11-17
* drm-test: plane_test: update default mapper and memsetShirish S2017-06-12
* drm-tests: replace tiled_bo_test to mapped_texture_testDongseong Hwang2017-04-07
* drm-tests: introduce bs_mapper.Dongseong Hwang2017-04-03
* drm-tests: move draw_formats into bsdrmGurchetan Singh2017-02-02
* drm-tests: plane_test: add more options for testing planesZach Reizner2016-05-18
* drm-tests: mv nv12_test to plane_test and support more formatsZach Reizner2016-05-11