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* Revert "Use lseek() ISO gbm_bo_get_plane_size()"Miguel Casas2021-05-11
* Use lseek() ISO gbm_bo_get_plane_size()Miguel Casas2021-04-09
* drm-tests: fix mmap_test errorGurchetan Singh2020-09-01
* drm-tests: restore psr value at the end of tests on i915 platformsCasey Bowman2018-10-02
* drm-tests: Use the stride value returned by gbm_bo_mapSatyajit Sahu2018-05-10
* drm-tests: Speed up the testsSt├ęphane Marchesin2018-04-03
* drm-tests: Set GBM_BO_USE_LINEAR flag in mmap_testDeepak Sharma2018-01-31
* drm-tests: cut the number of frames in the mmap_testGurchetan Singh2017-11-28
* drm-tests: use new buffer creation flagsGurchetan Singh2017-11-17
* drm-tests: mmap_test: move the circleGurchetan Singh2017-04-17
* drm-tests: introduce bs_mapper.Dongseong Hwang2017-04-03
* drm-tests: add dma_buf mmap test.Dongseong Hwang2017-03-03