path: root/gamma_test.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* drm-tests: extend gamma_test to support piecewise hdr gammaMiguel Casas2020-03-13
* drm-tests: Use the stride value returned by gbm_bo_mapSatyajit Sahu2018-05-10
* drm-tests: use new buffer creation flagsGurchetan Singh2017-11-17
* drm-test: update default mapperShirish S2017-07-07
* drm-tests: introduce bs_mapper.Dongseong Hwang2017-04-03
* drm-tests: gamma_test: don't require an active connector for every crtcGurchetan Singh2017-02-28
* gamma_test: specify usage in gbm_bo_createZach Reizner2016-10-01
* drm-tests: use dma_buf mmap instead of vgem dumb mmap.Dongseong Hwang2016-04-27
* drm-tests: refactor gamma_test to use bsdrmZach Reizner2016-04-19
* gamma_test: add new testDominik Behr2015-06-02